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With the WaterWay Network, farmers can interact with each other to contribute tips, share experiences and use information provided by others to continue managing their operations efficiently and sustainably. Discussion topics are prompted by experts, starting the conversation and giving users access to valuable information from other farmers, consultants, and Discovery Farms.
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Network Happenings

Cover Crop Panel:

Brian Briski, Area Resource Conservationist for the USDA-NRCS. Brian works with farmers to incorporate cover crops and Soil Health principles into Wisconsin Agriculture systems.

Dan Smith, UW-Madison & Extension Southwest Regional Outreach Specialist NPM Program.  Dan works with county partners to deliver educational programs that promote farm management practices which protect water quality while maintaining or improving farm profitability.


Robert Bauer, Southwest Badger Resource Conservation and Development Council Grazing Broker/ Grazing Educator. Robert is a mentor to beginning farmers and military veterans interested in livestock grazing. He works to connect beginning farmers with landowners, educates on implementing acres of well-managed pasture, and assists in business planning.


Ag Water Exchange

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