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    It’s been a bitterly cold winter.  At my farm in NE Wisconsin, we went 3 weeks without the wind chill above zero.  The extreme cold has caused some interesting tile phenomena.  Many of our 24 Wisconsin tile sites have frozen outlets.  Some of the ice formations are lackluster, but some are beautiful, unique, and unexpected. I really love the ice “explosions” that formed in the agridrains during the sub-zero weather.

    Most of the frozen outlets have been benign, but one has also cause us some real headaches with monitoring.  One of our sites with an agridrain froze at the outlet.  The outlet plugged and backed up the tile water, causing it to flow out the top of the agridrain.  Check out the pictures.

    Has anyone else experienced frozen tiles?

    Frost buildup AgridrainFrozen tileDK1A backed up 180111 (6)dk4 frozendk7 frozensh6 frozen

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